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Hi! I am Kristi June, founder of Tales on Two Wheels.  I am a cycling enthusiast with a serious passion and respect for the sport. I'm addicted to cycling...One could say, obsessed, always wanting to ride and to educate myself more about the sport.  The creation of this blog is inspired by the desire to celebrate and promote cycling and cyclists through writing and photography. Why? Cyclists are awesome! Bicycles and bike gear are awesome (although spandex is an acquired taste)!  Currently, I am the only contributing writer, but hopefully in the future, I can find other writers who love writing about cycling and cycling events. If you are interested in writing on Tales on Two Wheels, email me at TalesOnTwoWheels@gmail.com, If I publish it on the site, I will, of course, give you all the credit. I hope you feel inspired to ride (and write about it) after reading Tales on Two Wheels!

Getting Lost Out There

                                    Getting Lost Out There

The “voice of nature” woke me up last Saturday morning. That was the name of my alarm. Well, it should come as no surprise that this array of voices from nature, which primarily consisted of birds whistling and streams flowing did not encourage me to jump out of bed and get ready. The fact that it was 6:15 AM probably had a little to do with it as well. To my defense, I woke up for a second, and in that second, I came to the conclusion that there was no possible way that I was getting up out of bed. The easy answer was hit snooze, but I complicated things wanting to reset it, which required using math while half asleep. I barely could open my eyes, much less do basic arithmetic: 6:05 now, the SCC Sponsor Ride….in Stockbridge 8 AM…twenty minute drive…leave at 7:40…no, ready to ride at 8 AM,…be there at 7:30…hour to get ready…ugh… 15 more minutes of sleep…ah, the hell with it…I can get ready in thirty minutes…let me reset the alarm for 7 AM. I dropped the phone, rolled over and pulled the covers over my head, taking a deep breath. I exhaled, feeling the warm breath on my face. Without a second thought, I was out.

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