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Hi! I am Kristi June, founder of Tales on Two Wheels.  I am a cycling enthusiast with a serious passion and respect for the sport. I'm addicted to cycling...One could say, obsessed, always wanting to ride and to educate myself more about the sport.  The creation of this blog is inspired by the desire to celebrate and promote cycling and cyclists through writing and photography. Why? Cyclists are awesome! Bicycles and bike gear are awesome (although spandex is an acquired taste)!  Currently, I am the only contributing writer, but hopefully in the future, I can find other writers who love writing about cycling and cycling events. If you are interested in writing on Tales on Two Wheels, email me at TalesOnTwoWheels@gmail.com, If I publish it on the site, I will, of course, give you all the credit. I hope you feel inspired to ride (and write about it) after reading Tales on Two Wheels!

Beck Cycling's Charity Ride

I love it when the cycling community comes together to help people who are in need. It makes me proud to be a cyclist. Beck Cycling is doing just that on May 31, 2014. They have a variety of routes to appeal to beginner and advanced cyclists alike. All proceeds will be donated to One Roof Outreach, a non-profit that provides financial assistance and food to Coweta County residents in need. 

I am really excited about this event because it will be my first official century, but I am also excited because this route goes through the well-known Silk Sheets as well as other rural roads through Coweta County. I love riding at Silk Sheets because of the low traffic and can't wait to experience the roads in Coweta County!

Also, if your cycling club has five people who are riding this charity ride and sign up together, the price goes down to $15 a person. If your cycling club has 10 or more people riding the charity ride, it will only cost $10 per person when you sign up together. Awesome prices. Good charity. Beautiful roads to ride. What more could you ask for?