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Hi! I am Kristi June, founder of Tales on Two Wheels.  I am a cycling enthusiast with a serious passion and respect for the sport. I'm addicted to cycling...One could say, obsessed, always wanting to ride and to educate myself more about the sport.  The creation of this blog is inspired by the desire to celebrate and promote cycling and cyclists through writing and photography. Why? Cyclists are awesome! Bicycles and bike gear are awesome (although spandex is an acquired taste)!  Currently, I am the only contributing writer, but hopefully in the future, I can find other writers who love writing about cycling and cycling events. If you are interested in writing on Tales on Two Wheels, email me at TalesOnTwoWheels@gmail.com, If I publish it on the site, I will, of course, give you all the credit. I hope you feel inspired to ride (and write about it) after reading Tales on Two Wheels!

What do I live for?

What do I live for?

This is what I live for:

Adrenaline pumping, heart racing 

Fresh legs spinning 85 RPM

Tunnel vision on a wheel

Peripheral vision only a blur

Wind wrestling to have its way 

Pure raw energy sending us soaring through the streets

Everyone one of us in sync

We are one machine.

Now, it's...

Us against the wind,

Us against the road,

Us against the clock,

Working together to conquer our old selves

and find out just how fast and how far we will go.


We always want more!

More speed, more miles

Faster and farther than before.

This is what I live for